How to Create Your Own Clothing Line in London


09 Mar How to Create Your Own Clothing Line in London

Do you have the creative energy, drive, talent, and skill to create your own fashion line? If you are filled with ideas about fashion and have the commitment to bring your ideas to reality, you need to create your own clothing line. While the fashion business is obviously competitive in London, that shouldn’t exclude a talented individual from entering it.

Take a look at these practical tips for starting your own fashion line – while the creativity and imagination will come straight from you.

Look at Your Costs

Unless you are being bankrolled by a rich relative, it is a good idea to start with small costs. The good news is that you will not need to purchase a huge amount of hi-tech equipment to get going. In fact, you only really need a sketch pad and a sewing machine to start. But once you are on the way to actually producing a first line of clothing, it helps to invest a little more in your business. You can start producing your own clothes completely by yourself and plan to later use one of the professional clothing manufacturers london specialises in.

Create Your Brand

You certainly need to make sure that your own fashion brad is completely authentic and completely wonderful – the fashion world is bursting at the seams. When you are creating your first line you need to stand out. But that doesn’t mean doing something completely crazy. Look to your talents and your desires – what do you love to wear and to design? Can you put your own personal mark on an established trend? It is certainly a mistake to copy other designers; not only will this get you in trouble legally, but you will also not be able to build your own authentic brand.

Know Your Market

Once you have a brand and the creative ideas, look at how you are going to sell them and to whom. You’ll need to work out who will wear your clothes in order to set a price point and to work out where to do your marketing. It is great to design clothes because you love them, but without a marketing strategy you will probably not sell very many. If your aim is to sell, look into the branding and the marketing as well as the creatives.

Get Selling

There are many places to sell your new clothing line, from market stalls to online. Work out which is best for you, factoring in the time it takes to sell as well as the market and the costs. Remember, competition may be fierce but your designs can and will stand out.


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