4 Tips for Working with Clothing Manufacturers in London


13 Apr 4 Tips for Working with Clothing Manufacturers in London

When you are starting your own fashion company it is essential that you find the right clothing manufacturer. The success or failure of a fashion line can rest on the quality of the manufacturer, and whether it is right for your needs. Choosing the manufacturer is an important step and should be considered with the same importance as you would choose your fabrics or your design.

The clothing manufacturer is important as you need to know that they will be able to create the clothes to the same standards you can create them in your own studio. Wholesalers will expect the clothing delivered to be exactly the same as the samples. And you need to work well with a clothing manufacturer in order to find out how much it will cost to produce the clothes, and therefore how much you should sell them for. Here are some tips for choosing the right manufacturer for your clothes.

  1. Think About Your Prices

You need to have a good idea about how much your clothes are going to retail for, and therefore how much you will sell them to stores for. If you are making high-end pieces that are more expensive to buy you have more of a choice in terms of manufacturer. With cheaper pieces of clothing you may struggle to get the bargain you need in terms of manufacturing. Thing about the price you want and work backwards to get the price you are willing to pay the factory.

  1. Consider Location

If you are looking for a manufacturer it is tempting to go overseas for cost purposes. But it can be a false economy. When you factor in the expensive shipping from overseas, and the potential problems with quality, it becomes a better idea to choose one of the clothing manufacturers london offers. It is useful to choose a local manufacturer when you are starting a company as you have better access to the factory to work closely alongside them as they create your first pieces.

  1. Look Around

Start to research different manufacturers. If you have contacts in fashion, ask who they work with. Ask for recommendations from your suppliers. Search online in the local area, and look in trade magazines and on trade websites.

  1. Find Out More

Once you have a list of the manufacturers you are interested in working with, interview a few of them to find out whether they will be a good fit. Find out what kind of garments they specialise in, who their clients are, what their prices are like, and what services they provide.


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